Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Healer, by Carol Cassella

I'm interested in medicine; I'm interested in ethics; and yes, I'm interested in medical ethics. But I also insist that fiction give me a good story. This book is, first and foremost, exactly that, with the other themes running in the background.  It's one of those books where you find yourself wondering what the people are up to, and then remember that they aren't real.

This is Cassella's second novel; I immediately went to the library and got the first one. We won't discuss the fact that she's a practicing anesthesiologist and mother of two sets of twins and still manages to write novels!

I can't remember what source led me to this book, but if I do I'm going to go back and see what else they recommend.

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  1. Doctor + 2 sets of twins? I suspect there is at least one nanny in the picture....unless her twins are grown...