Friday, October 1, 2010

How do you manage your to-read list?

Starting in 8th grade and continuing through high school, I kept a list of books to read, handwritten (of course -- it was The Olden Days), on lined looseleaf paper. Every time the list reached 100 items, I went back and crossed out those I had read and those that had lost their charm, rewrote the list, and started again. I probably should go back to that system, because I've never found one that works better. If I try to keep a notebook, it's never with me at the library. (I wish my library had a spot on their web site where you could enter things you want to read -- that way I could check on the computer when I'm there.) Carol and Pat are big fans of goodreads, but that hasn't clicked with me either. I have joined the iPhone generation, but I can't even remember to add things to my to-read list there!

Now, it's obvious that operator error is one of my major problems with keeping a book list -- but I'd love to hear how all of you keep track, organize your lists, and find your way to wonderful books.


  1. I'd be interested to know if anyone has a good system as well. I kept a notebook for a while, and now I just put to-be-reads on my Amazon wishlist. Neither works very well--I either don't remember to write down compelling books when I hear about them or my list isn't there when I need it. I often find myself in bookstores thinking that I know there was something I meant to look for!

  2. I enjoy Goodreads, but also use an Amazon wish list since I browse there so much. I don't have an Iphone or other fancy cell with apps, so I can't carry around a list that way. I tend to make a list for the library or if I plan to go to a bookstore, but often order on-line anyway....and I still like to aimlessly wander around bookshops anyway.

    Hmm. That wasn't very helpful, was it?

  3. For a while, I had a Palm Pilot, and I kept a reading list on that. It was great, because it was always with me, so I *did* have it when I found myself at the library. I encourage you to find a good iPhone app that will help you keep a list, then just train yourself to add to it when you see something you like.