Saturday, October 16, 2010

a poll

OK, I sure hope you're all busy reading, but I bet that's not why it's so quiet. So here's the survey -- which of these is keeping you from telling us what you're reading?

(1) it's soccer season and if I spend one more minute in the car, I will explode
(2) I'm going to school and if I start to read a good book I'll stop doing my homework
(3) Christmas is coming
(4) I need new glasses
(5) I'm afraid to post because I think I have to write a long, eloquent, thoughtful review
(6) This time of year I'd really rather be outside
(7) There are so many books in my living room/on my bedside table/in my car that I don't know where to start
(8) Other



  1. Both #6, outside, and #8, other (seven visiting relatives last weekend + Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool this weekend and drove instead of taking the train = no reading time). No knitting either. Going to try better this week!

  2. I already posted twice in the first week and am afraid people will think I have no life.
    So I guess that falls in (8) Other.

  3. Carol, I don't know if you'll read this (I miss the comments sometimes) but this made me laugh out loud! I don't know you, but already I like you.

  4. Mostly 7 and a bit of neurotic cleaning of paper from my life. I've finished two lengthy mystery series, waiting for more books to come from the libraries, and compiled a list of more books to read. In the meantime, I am purging all those book review and music recommendations that date back to 2002....