Saturday, November 6, 2010

Book Club group reading suggestion

Elizabeth suggested that maybe in the winter we might all read a book and discuss it like a real book club (which I've never done, BTW). I thought we could start making suggestions about a book to read.

One suggestion I have is "Leaving Mother Lake" by Yang Erche Yamu and Christine Mathieu. I read it a few years ago (and would be happy to read it again). It's about a girl in a remote Chinese culture, the Mosu, which is a matrilineal society (women make most decisions). I found it to be a fascinating look at an isolated, unusual culture, and a well-told tale of a girl breaking away from the bonds of her family and her culture. Here's a nice review:

What are some books you might suggest?


  1. Typo alert! The first author of this book is Yang Erche Namu. Darn, I always proofread, but still missed this until I posted it!

  2. I would love to read and discuss this. I've got a month off mid-Dec to mid-Jan, so this would work out well.